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Know us better

Our work

ALOTRA - Organisation for Workers’ Accommodation - is a non-for-profit organization governed by the 1901 Law. Created in 1954 ALOTRA intervenes in Region PACA. Its core business is social housing tenancy management.
Getting involved in the various links of the housing network is its mission, and it has diversified its products and clientele.

Now, ALOTRA manages:

  • social residences for deprived households and migrant workers,
  • a residence hall for students,
  • a para-hotel residence for civil servants,
  • an Asylum- Seekers Centre,
  • traveller and gypsy sites,
  • Social centres,
  • a social and urban engineering service for social landlords (adapted social housing tenancy management) and for regional and local authorities.

Nearly 5500 people are accommodated within the housing stock managed by ALOTRA. So the organisation provides housing to a various public (young people, families, men, women, foreigners, etc.) facing mainly social and economic difficulties.
On January 1st 2018, ALOTRA has 80 employees.