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About us

Know us better

Our Board of Directors

Henri RIEU, Chairman of the Board
Former Land Affairs Manager
Retired from SONACOTRA

Thierry MOALLIC, Secretary
Director of ADIL 13

Jean-Paul ROUMAGERE, Treasurer
Former regional manager
Retired from ADOMA

Members of the Board of directors
Alain TEULIER – Lawyer at the Court (retired)
Pascal GALLARD – Deputy Director of ARHLM PACA and Corsica
Marc Lionel MILLAUD – Consultant MLM Consulting

Arlette FRUCTUS, Observer Representative within the Board
Assistant delegate to Housing
Urban Policy
City of Marseilles

Corine MAILLARD, Auditor
Auditor, cabinet CPECF Audit

Ahmed TALALKHOKH, Certified Accountant
Certified Accountant - INTERCOMPTA