Civil servant

You are a civil servant, in a Regional training course, in professional transfer or facing temporary difficulties with your housing (break-up, eviction, etc.) ALOTRA can host you for a few nights or even for some months (maximum 9 months).




Type of audience

Logements réservés aux agents de la fonction public d'État.

Any person single or couple, ages 18 to 65, with or without dependent child the state civil servants and meeting temporary difficulties on housing.

Housing capacity, length of stay

103 dwellings including 99 furnished studio flats, 1 T3 furnished and 3 T4.
Temporary accommodation for a period of 6 months, renewable subject to acceptance of the Monitoring Committee.
1 month residence contract renewable by tacit agreement.
Flat 1 bed and 16 m².
Flat 1 bed and 18 m².
Flat 1 bed and 32 m².
T3 (2 beds + extra bed convertible sofa) 48 m².
T4 rented unfurnished.
Building with lift.

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