At the moment

At the moment

Whether it involves positioning itself on calls for projects, responding to requests from public authorities or spontaneously engaging in initiatives stemming from its expertise in the field, Alotra is regularly called upon to formulate proposals and to argue. Thus, its projects participate in the development of structuring projects which combine social and territorial innovations and this, to meet social needs that are poorly or poorly met.

For Alotra, it's to innovate to provide new, effective and sustainable solutions . It requires everyone's involvement and another way of working as a team. A methodological approach is therefore necessary for the actions to be easily carried out.

At the end of 2019, Alotra wanted to complete its knowledge and optimize its practices in terms of project methodology. Members of the Management and a certain number of employees engaged in a “Project Methodology” training. This team thus formed must be efficient, it must have a real team spirit and bring together useful and sufficient technical skills to achieve the allocated objectives.

By thus constituting a Project team, Alotra tends to implement its Strategic Development Plan. Also, from July 2020, Alotra is mobilizing on its projects, to move forward after the period of health crisis that we have just experienced.

Nathalie berthe
Social Development Director