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Social and Urban Engineering

Social and Urban Engineering

In 2005, social landlords and communities came to meet Alotra in order to strengthen support for certain so-called sensitive neighborhoods. Alotra - a very social landlord - has therefore brought ERILIA, and since 2012, Habitat Marseille Provence and CDC Habitat social, its expertise in the management of complex situations and programs, by reaching out to their audience and this, as close to the field as possible.
Over the years, the ISU service has organized itself to offer donors, local authorities and partners detailed intervention adapted to the needs of the public and the territories.
Also, the ISU team is multidisciplinary: sociologist, anthropologist, social workers, trainers, architects, urban planner, etc. It offers an innovative approach to social, urban and architectural issues. Their experience offers a solid ability to support the contracting authority in the areas of social rental management, living environment and buildings and relations with the tenant.
To meet your expectations , which can be:
- the strengthening of the social bond on a residence, a territory,
- social support for households in housing and its environment,
- the development of innovative projects,
- optimization of proximity management,
- support in decision-making with regard to complex situations or contexts encountered.

We can then suggest:
- social and urban engineering (social and technical diagnosis, support in the development of a project, training-action, etc.);
- support to the contracting authority (reinforced social rental management, adapted technical management, local social urban management, support for investment projects, etc.);
- support for residents by strengthening their participation (residential routes, educational support, participatory actions, social and professional integration, etc.).

We can together study each complex situation encountered to best meet your needs and that of your audiences. Do not hesitate to contact us isu@alotra.fr