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Assisting landlords

Assisting landlords

ALOTRA’s job consists in being a specific social landlord. That’s why, regarding the hosted publics, the tryptich "hosting, accommodating, integrating" is our core business.
It’s then not surprising when ALOTRA is called on by social landlords to contribute to the implementation of housing tenancy management adapted to publics meeting difficulties, especially settled Gypsy populations.

For several years ALOTRA has offered and developed support service to social landlords for a better definition and development of a strategy in social housing tenancy management connected with housing stock reality.
In 2014, assisted 3 social landlords in the department of Bouches du Rhône, in order to implement this adapted management:
- BARGEMONT neighbourhood in Martigues from 2005, for ERILIA landlord ;
- LA RENAUDE neighbourhood, in Marseille from 2011 to 2014, for HABITAT MARSEILLE PROVENCE landlord ;
- RUISSEAU-MIRABEAU neighbourhoods in Marseille from 2012, for NOUVEAU LOGIS PROVENCAL landlord.

With upstream leadership in development projects, urban planning, refurbishment works and building programming, ALOTRA is committed in social supportive housing and ensures all necessary guarantees providing adequate answers to social landlords and local authorities’ needs.

Needs assessment, making social relevant diagnosis, conducting high standard fieldwork research with tenants ( general public survey, social audit reports) as part of a monitoring management or rehabilitation development project ;

AMO Missions, aiming at the building and refurbishing of social rented dwellings. Assistance to the definition of undertakings, organisation of consultations to identify project management teams, contracting procedures ;

Implementation of MOUS Missions ( Urban and Social Contractor Management), in the context of refurbishment and demolition of social housing, to facilitate relocation (temporary or permanent) of households living in these buildings.