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2018 activity report

2018 activity reportTo open this document please click on PDF icon.

Know us better


For these last ten years, ALOTRA has set an example of quick and varied evolution, serving the most deprived people or publics.
Managing about a thousand residential dwellings and nearly 300 pitches on traveller and gypsy sites, providing its skills to landlords and its expertise regarding people dealing in difficulties, ALOTRA is one of the major players in supportive housing and integration through housing in Region Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur.
ALOTRA mainly accommodates publics meeting with varied difficulties, a major one being most often economic : 87% people hosted within the housing stock managed by ALOTRA get incomes below the risk-of- poverty threshold.
Another mission for ALOTRA is about assistance to people on their way to residential housing which can facilitate the fulfilment of their projects. Offering the best solution of accommodation needed, whether it be with rents matching people’s own resources or be it with the support services offered, ALOTRA proves its utility in social support.
Facilitate people’s access to their own "home" and to supportive housing is ALOTRA’s core task.


Actually ALOTRA’s activity is not new as it dates back to 1954. ALOTRA organisation is now an old creation started in 1954.
At that time it used to manage Migrant Workers Hostels, commonly referred to as FTM.

ALOTRA gained independence in 1996 with the establishment of a Board of Directors and a legal and administrative structure of its own.

The willingness expressed by its President and Directors essentially involved two purposes:

  • A major renovation of its assets, legacy of the past, into Social Residences.
    When the two five-years plans were completed , this objective was totally fulfilled, namely the years 2005-2006.
  • A continuing and various development aimed at serving social housing, with an ongoing activity, including the following major aspects:
    - Social housing tenancy management, driving force of supportive housing and its triad: hosting, accommodating, supporting,
    - Gypsy and traveller sites management, at the request of the local and regional authorities,
    - Asylum seekers hosting management , CADA, to which are now added further actions for the benefit of migrant populations.
    - Social contractor management assistance, urban and social development engineering or provisions benefiting Social Landlords "social and technical housing tenancy management".

This development was marked, on the way, by two events reflecting a continuously sustained level of activity:

  • Creation of a SAS de Maîtrise d’Ouvrage, social housing contractor company intentionally designed as an appropriate tool for the creation of new property assets, in a context of social housing for the Needy.
    Created in 2002, SAS LOGETRA is fitted to develop the building of new
    dwellings and the renovation of older assets for the benefit of ALOTRA,
    sole and majority shareholder,
  • the setting up of a strategic asset plan, PSP, dealing now with continuance and growth of ALOTRA-LOGETRA group.
    This plan was approved by the Board of Directors, dated November 6th 2015. It’s now operating from January 1st 2016.

ALOTRA-LOGETRA are now a "comprehensive tool" serving social housing with our partners and representatives.
It was a long- standing wish that the chairman of the Board, the Board and Management Director are happy to implement.

It has also been a wonderful challenge.

Marc JEANJEAN, The Managing Director
Henri RIEU, The Président