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All mobilized to fight COVID-19

All mobilized to fight COVID-19

A daily presence is ensured on site , part-time with a refocusing of the activity allowing among others:
• to carry out the necessary communication of information intended for residents (posters in several languages)
• maintain a link with residents, and encourage respect for confinement;
• identify possible cases of Covid-19 disease, and support these people as necessary (see link to a general practitioner, diagnosis and referral, home monitoring by a mobile team of nurses, etc.) ;
• to apply and enforce the instructions of the State: provision of leaflets "exit exemptions", compliance with "barrier instructions", isolation of people suspected of contamination, etc.,
• ensure payment of the fee, and if necessary allow the deferral with, if necessary, the implementation of a provisional clearance plan,
• ensuring waste management for obvious health issues, and more generally cleaning / cleaning / disinfection adapted to common areas,
• regularize urgent administrative situations to avoid shortages of law and resources,
• make available derogatory travel certificates.

In addition to this presence on site, a telephone number intended for emergencies has been set up, a number displayed on the sites and to which the switchboard from the Alotra headquarters refers.

Our concern is also that of the well-being of our residents . Every day, we make sure that each of them is doing well and does not miss anything. We organize solidarity operations thanks to the support of our partners by distributing food parcels and meal vouchers. Solidarity was also naturally organized within the establishments, each providing support to its neighbor.

To date, we have not reported any known cases of COVID-19.

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