Changing status from a worker to a pensioner and asserting one’s rights, solving minor or major health problems, adapting one’s living space in order to remain independent, asking for assistance in daily life, keeping a minimum of activities and social links, etc.: Getting older is not that simple.
How about it then when you’re a foreigner, having always lived in a precarious situation, moreover far from your family, or an older immigrant, when you’re not fluent, or even quite often unable to read French ? What about it then when you are facing the complexity, or even the lack of transparency of the texts and procedures towards an access to law and healthcare. A context social residences managers have been dealing with for years ; a tricky situation, which helped fuel our thinking and has led to individual initiatives.

As soon as needs have been identified, medical or social assistance has to be set out . And even more maintained over time. Being as close to residents as possible is essential, ensuring that assistance is provided when dealing with formalities or relations with the medical consultant.

Chacun d'entre vous a besoin d'attention.