Our partners

ALOTRA fits its action to the public policies. So ALOTRA is a partner of the State and of the regional and local authorities and implements actions in the field of:

Various public accommodation: young people, foreigners, men, women, singles, families, civil servants, students, travellers.

Management of various products: social residences, dispersed dwellings, student accommodation, official accommodation, slums, traveller and gypsy sites.

An adapted, professional and complementary work organisation: Social housing tenancy Management, Social Development Management.

Adapted rental management: IT tools, procedures.

Social Action adapted to the needs of each site: social development management, specific actions, preventive actions.

Various fields of intervention: accommodation, health, aging, integration, facilitation activities, culture. A Dynamic recognized by the partners’ network.

Strong willingness to develop: creation of social residences and student accommodation, management of gypsy and traveller sites, Asylum- seekers Centre, rental intermediation actions.

In order to meet the residents’ needs, ALOTRA develops an indispensable partnership in a number of areas. The purpose is to facilitate access to ordinary- law services and provisions, and also to implement complementary social work by mobilizing professional skills. Promoting access to ordinary-law and offering services and useful assistance to residents, especially considering their life and housing background, is one of our major focuses.

Coordinating a network of players built up over the years, ALOTRA signs partnership agreements, according to the actions to be implemented.

ALOTRA now has more than thirty agreements signed with associations and institutional partners.

Finally last but not least is partnership with landlords .
Actually, if ALOTRA owns one third of the residences it manages, two thirds aren’t owned but just managed by it. That’s to say social landlords such as 13 Habitat, Family § Provence, SOGIMA, ERILIA, Société Nouvelle d’HLM de Marseille, and also institutions such as C.C.A.S of the town of Six-Fours-les-Plages.