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Support for residents is growing at Alotra

Support for residents is growing at Alotra

Always concerned about the well-being of its residents, Alotra has developed new partnerships and new services.

In April 2018, a sophrologist and a psychiatrist from the association Le Ciel Bleu offers residents of Viala, sophrology sessions and groups of words.

Since July 2018 and thanks to the support of the Reception, Aliens and Nationality Department, Alotra has been able to improve the living conditions of its "Chibanis" by offering them local support as well as arranging their housing with medical equipment (grab bars, stools, armchairs, etc.).

From October 2018, Alotra will accompany 30 refugee families in their integration project by making a passage through the social residence. Some way to support the services of the State in the thinning of the outputs of CADA but also to allow the refugees to succeed their integration.