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Renaude / Herodote - Mission of assistance management on deprived sites


Key figures

La Renaude 110 collective dwellings divided into 2 buildings (R + 4) L - shaped ;
Hérodote 40 detached houses (R + 1) "adapted" to families known as "gypsy".
A very isolated housing estate, stigmatised as "gypsy" ; rundown building and management affected by strong conflicts and tensions.
43 monitored families.


La Renaude-Hérodote housing estate is located in the 13th district near Saint Jérôme village centre. Built as part of a relocation programme in 1964, la Renaude consists of 110 collective dwellings, divided into 2 buildings while Hérodote consists of 40 individual dwellings built in the late 1980s as part of a slum clearance project.
The site is particularly isolated geographically as well as socially. Most of the households living there are stigmatised because of their ethnic origins.
If La Renaude residence has been rehabilitated several times, Hérodote is far more damaged. Nearly half of the houses are empty because of technical problems on the building itself (moisture, water ingress, etc.). Moreover the outdoor spaces are very affected by mechanical work and scrapping which are very difficult to regulate.

In 2013 social landlord Habitat Marseille Provence asked assistance from the Housing Solidarity Fund in order to finance Collective Social Actions aimed at 80 vulnerable households, from gypsy origin and living mainly in the 13th, as well as 14th, 15th and 16th districts of Marseille.
This mission started on October 1st 2013 to September 30th 2014.


Implementation of a local management in this neighbourhood while keeping on dealing with identified problems;
Communication and information with the residents of the neighbourhood and setting up of a landlords / tenants mediation;
Consciousness- raising to the respect of the housing and environment based on specific projects planned in the neighbourhood;
Development of procedures aiming at meeting with the needs of the whole population rather than of individual requests.

Actions carried out

Actions carried out

Action of cleaning up and equipment of community spaces.
Collective actions about maintenance of the dwelling, respect of environment, water management, etc.
Mediation with scrap merchants.
Bulky waste collection, removal of car wrecks.
Tenants / landlords mediation.
Assistance to families in debt because of rent arrears.
Re-involvement of the partnership network (CCO CL Susini, ADDAP 13, MDS Vallon Malpassé, CAF, Politique de la ville, Pole Insertion CG13).