An evaluation benchmark for good quality of service

An evaluation benchmark for good quality of service

From March 2017 , and as part of the 2011-2018 Public Service Delegation, a co-construction approach has been launched around the social project, with the Social Rental Management Department of 'Alotra, the Social and Animation Center, the Heads of Establishments of the Reception Areas and the Travel Management Department of the Metropolitan Territory of the Pays d'Aix.

It was a question of establishing:
- a diagnosis of the Traveler population on the territory of the 3 reception areas of the Pays d'Aix Territory over two years 2016/2017 (number of families accommodated, typology of families.)
- an analysis of social actions and activities carried out as part of the social project (quantitative data and types of intervention for social support for families, schooling rate, partnerships, etc.).

During 2018, this work made it possible to develop the social project which defines, for a period of 7 years (2019-2026), its Animation strategy and socio-educational actions on the reception areas of Travelers and the Grand Passage Grounds under the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis, as part of the 2019/2026 CSP.

From July 2019 , ALOTRA wished to associate with the project, an evaluation device inspired by the methodology of dynamic evaluation of public organizations.
This approach will allow him to:
- to assess the effectiveness, consistency and impact of actions,
- to highlight - during their deployment - their necessary adjustments,
- to capitalize on good practices, with a view to supporting the project.
- to identify the statistical data describing the deployment of the actions and the audiences they reach.
- measure the effective impact of actions on social practices.

To carry out this evaluation work, Alotra:
- acquires tools adapted to the project (repository, dashboards, tools for collecting quantitative and qualitative data, consultation and observation methods). These tools will be used throughout the action, as steering tools.
- leads since December 2019, with the AMP Metropolis, a technical evaluation committee allowing periodic reporting on this evaluation data.

The objective of this approach is to be particularly attentive to the implementation of the two founding principles of public service, namely continuity of service and equality of users before this service .

An evaluation benchmark for good quality of service An evaluation benchmark for good quality of service