Our story

Our story

A few dates:

1954 ALOTRA organisation is created the year Abbé Pierre made his radio Appeal for “an insurrection of goodness” and aims at hosting migrant workers In Bouches du Rhône. For 40 years, ALOTRA manages 5 migrant workers hostels and accommodates 700 residents.

1996 ALOTRA takes part in the five-year plan about migrant workers hostels, and implements the renovation of its various hostels by turning them into social residences.

1998 ALOTRA grows in PACA and widens its activity by managing social residences, student hall residences, residences for civil servants.

2002 LOGETRA, ALOTRA’s sister company is created to develop contractor management aimed at integration through housing.

2004 ALOTRA manages its first traveller and gypsy site in Region PACA. The organisation plays its part in this public policy, offering a specific social-aimed management, developing access to ordinary- law provisions, leading social and educational work and missions.

2005 ALOTRA is called on to assist social landlords in social development and urban engineering missions , serving the purpose of strengthening the social aspects of their tenancy management and support their approach.

2006 ALOTRA manages its first Asylum- Seekers Centre.

2010 ALOTRA is approved by the Préfet de Région, on the one hand for its work in social, financial and technical engineering, and on the other hand for its activities in rental intermediation and social housing tenancy management. These accreditations confirm the recognition of ALOTRA’s expertise by the State, in social as well as managing realms. LOGETRA is approved by the Ministre du Logement for its integration work through contractor management.

2010-2014 ALOTRA draws up its first action plan and starts a Strategic asset management plan (P.S.P.) announcing the second 2016- 2020 P.S.P.

2018 Launch of the "Strategic Development Plan" project