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Activity report 2019

Alotra is pleased to present its 2019 Activity Report to you. This year 2019 has been rich in action for the benefit of the residents we support. But Alotra is also part of a forward-looking and dynamic approach in order to capitalize, perfect, amend and develop its practices. Th ...

Visors for our employees

Concerned about the safety of our employees, it seemed useful to equip them with protective visors in addition to respiratory masks.
80 visors were also offered to us.
A big thank you to Pierre and the Order of Physicians for their generosity. ...

Continuous distribution

The distribution of food parcels continues within our residences in Berre l'Étang, Martigues, Marseille.
We would also like to thank Banlieues Santé, ACADEL, ADDAP13, the PROTIS association and Synergie Family for being as close as possible to our residents and for suppo ...


Alotra mobilizes!

Alotra mobilizes!

We have never experienced this, a health crisis of such magnitude and its impact on our business. Our personal and professional lives have been turned upside down. Between confinement, multiple and varied constraints, and the need to continue our activity, we were able to demonstrate together a flawless professional commitment.

We had no people affected by Covid-19, neither on the employee side, nor on the residents and "travelers" side. Respecting and enforcing barrier gestures and other instructions has not always been easy. The professional qualities and the commitment of our employees were essential. You have all participated in this success. We can only congratulate ourselves on this.

A new period will open. We are resuming "normal" activity as of this Monday, May 18, 2020, with necessarily adaptations to ensure the safety of all.

We have drawn up a "Resumption of Activity Plan" , relying in particular on the "national deconfinement protocol to ensure the health and safety of employees" of the Ministry of Labor.

Thus, in terms of health, our actions must prevent contamination of personnel and people received, and ensure access to care for people with Covid-19.
At the organizational level, it is necessary to take into account the constraints specific to this period of deconfinement concerning the organization of work, admissions and the conduct of reception missions.

We must also be particularly attentive to the situation of each of the residents and travelers, to enable them to find over the months, a "normal" life in good health and without administrative and financial difficulties.

This new period - expected by all - will also oblige us. We will have to adapt to a new context. Some old constraints will continue, new ones will appear. The wearing of the mask is an illustration of this. Everyone's vigilance will remain essential. The organization that we propose will necessarily be evolutionary, as is the situation itself.