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At the moment

Support for residents is growing at Alotra

Always concerned about the well-being of its residents, Alotra has developed new partnerships and new services.

In April 2018, a sophrologist and a psychiatrist from the association Le Ciel Bleu offers residents of Viala, sophrology sessions and gro ...

3rd day of employees

For the 3rd year, all employees of Alotra found themselves for "Building the future" .
Having initiated the development of a Strategic Development Plan, it was essential for Alotra not to question its employees.
For a whole morning, employees have been creati ...

The memory of Bargemont

To write the history of the Bargemont is to turn a spotlight on a period of 50 years that allowed the inhabitants to see their living conditions evolve. But it is also to allow the youngest to invest the story of their parents, grandparents to better understand the current situat ...




For these last ten years, ALOTRA has set an example of quick and varied evolution, serving the most deprived people or publics.
Managing about a thousand residential dwellings and nearly 300 pitches on traveller and gypsy sites, providing its skills to landlords and its expertise regarding people dealing in difficulties, ALOTRA is one of the major players in supportive housing and integration through housing in Region Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur.
ALOTRA mainly accommodates publics meeting with varied difficulties, a major one being most often economic : 87% people hosted within the housing stock managed by ALOTRA get incomes below the risk-of- poverty threshold.
Another mission for ALOTRA is about assistance to people on their way to residential housing which can facilitate the fulfilment of their projects. Offering the best solution of accommodation needed, whether it be with rents matching people’s own resources or be it with the support services offered, ALOTRA proves its utility in social support.
Facilitate people’s access to their own "home" and to supportive housing is ALOTRA’s core task.